I mentioned our sponsors yesterday …

Today I’d like to tell you about them.

The first is Peavey Mart.  Besides being proudly Canadian, they were the first to jump on board the wagon train, and they’ve been patiently waiting for us to get organized.  They bring some much needed cash to the table as well as “stuff”.  If you join us, you will likely be sitting on a camp chair or camp stool donated by Peavey Mart.

Second to join us was AAAS (Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies) … and boy, are they a force to be reckoned with!   Through their leading lady, Lisa Hardy, they are taking over responsibility for putting us up every night and cooking for the entire crew.  (That’s 100 riders and about 25 volunteer support staff!)  This is no small feat!

Next:  AEF (Alberta Equestrian Federation).  They are helping us by getting the word out to their entire AEF community.  That’s something like 15,000 horse enthusiasts and a whack of supporting organizations!  The exposure is invaluable.  We’ll be seeing all of them next weekend (March 21) at their annual conference in Red Deer.  If you’re a member, I hope we’ll meet you there.

And then there are the vets.  We’ve not met the Moore and Company bunch yet, but the West Wind Veterinary Hospital group is … well … crazy!  First off, they have challenged the Moore bunch to see which clinic can raise the most money for Wild Pink Yonder.  They say they are going to kick Moore and Company’s butts.  (Isn’t Moore and Company the biggest clinic in the west … if not the entire country?)  To help their cause, they’ve decided to all streak their hair PINK, so people will ask and they can solicit more donations!  Moore and Company’s response?  Well, we’ve been told that it was Dr. Andrews who responded.  Said to heck with that, he’d dye all the hair on his head PINK!  This I gotta see!  (Mind you, Dr. Carroll from West Wind points out that Dr. Andrews doesn’t have a lot of hair on his head.  She’s thinking of making him grow a beard and dye that pink!  Heads up, Dr. Andrews!  *grin*)

Those are our partners and sponsors … so far.  We’re still fishing for more, so if you know of a good potential sponsor for us, please drop us a line and let us know.  The more sponsors we get, the less rider money is needed to host the event … and therefore the bigger the cheque to Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation … and we want that cheque to be huge!


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