It’s going to be legendary!

Well, world, this is the start of something great! I have no idea about this blogging thing, but I know that this summer we are launching a PINK wagon train, and you are invited to join the party! (Or follow it here in print.)

We are leaving Fort Whoop Up (in Lethbridge, Alberta) on June 20th, following the trails traveled by the North-West Mounted Police when they first came to Alberta in 1874.  The only thing I know for sure is that we will have one PINK covered wagon and two outriders (friends of mine from New Jersey).  How many others will join us?  We don’t know, but we’re betting it will be a lot, because this is going to be a hoot!  We’re going nearly 600 miles.  All the horse people we’ve spoken to want to come along.  I’m thinking it’s going to be a 34-day party!

Our wagon is a beautiful Robert Carriages 8-passenger wagonette. Our team is a pair of beautiful Norwegian Fjord geldings named Troll and Bror. I love those boys. They are so strong, so calm, and so easy to get along with.  Our riding horses will include two Paso Finos, one Arabian and a Walkaloosa.

Registration has just started. We hope we’ll have at least a dozen wagons at any given time. The rest will be people on horseback — up to 100 horses (and their owners) at any given time.

We’re heading from Lethbridge to Fort Macleod, where the North-West Mounted Police built their first fort in Alberta in 1874. Then we’re off north to Calgary … then Red Deer … and finally, nearly 600 miles and 34 days later, Edmonton.

Anyone joining us will be collecting pledge money that will, ultimately, go to breast cancer research via the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.  They\’ll raise at least $200/day, which will cover their breakfast each morning, a bagged lunch for on the trail, dinner at the day\’s end and entertainment every evening before they crawl into their tent for the night.

That’s it for today.

I’ll write again tomorrow to tell you about our sponsors. Some of them are QUITE entertaining!


2 thoughts on “It’s going to be legendary!

  1. This should be an interesting ride with people joining and riding a ways and then others replacing them. What a great way to meet other horsepeople and spend a few days having fun with our horses this summer while helping to find THE CURE. The staff (horse lovin’ geeks) are happy that we can be of a little bit of help with your venture. Good luck. We’ll be seeing you along the way.


    • Don’t let Lynn fool you, folks! She’s being more than a little helpful! She turned me on to this blog site and she is donating valuable advertising space on to our cause. (It amazes me the co-operation and camaraderie that this venture is generating!) We think you’re great, Lynn, and we can hardly wait to meet you somewhere along the trail. Hopefully you’ll join us for a day or two … or at least stop by for supper and to sit around the campfire one evening.


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