If Every Ag Society is as Generous and Ambitious as Airdrie …

this ride is going to be amazing.  We just got our first outline of what will happen when we pull into the Airdrie Ag Society facility.

First off, we’re not staying at a “facility”.  We will be staying at the Becker Ranch (which sounds like a pretty swank place) … inside a huge covered arena …and having a catered dinner with a live country band for dinner music (!) …”plenty of willing volunteers and, of course, lots of hay”.

Their rodeo association has donated the use of their picnic tables and other tables and chairs.  They’ve just started looking, but they expect to get all the food donated from around their community!

And then those gosh darn Airdrie Ag Folks went and made me cry.

The Becker Ranch I mentioned above?  Those Beckers have a son named Kraig, who has a company called “Becker Buckles”.  (Yes, those buckles!  Those coveted silver and other precious metal buckles that are the prizes at events like the Calgary Stampede.)  So they have commissioned Kraig to make a one-of-a-kind silver commemorative buckle for Wild Pink Yonder! It will be presented to us when we arrive in Airdrie!  We are so excited about this!  We’ve not finalized how to put this amazing gift to its best use.  We want to discuss it with Airdrie.  Rusty’s first thought was giving it to the participant who brings in the highest amount of money overall … but that’s not written in stone.  A raffle?  An auction?  What do you think we should do with it?  (I so want to keep it forever, frame it and hang it on my wall!  *sigh*)

Oh, and Airdrie wants to know:  would we like a cold beer when we arrive?  *grin*


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