Whoa, Nellie!

It seems some folks think that they cannot join the wagon train unless they come for the entire 34 days!  No, no!  Not so! No one in their right mind will join us for that long (and it would take a powerful lot of fund-raising to make it happen!  But if you can scrounge up that kind of money and are that out of your mind, *grin*– git yer hoss conditioned, partner, ‘cuz we’d be delighted to entertain you for the entire 600 miles).  We think most folks will come for anywhere from one day to, maybe, one week.  That’s it!  You don’t even have to stay overnight.  You can opt to join us in the morning, ride for the day and then leave in the evening, though you’ll probably want to stay long enough to have supper and check out the evening’s entertainment.

We have a woman named Lisa from the Red Deer area who is threatening to bring 65 of her friends for one day of riding.  More power to her!  (I barely even know 65 people!)

Most people are coming as a family, or with a riding buddy or two — but if all your buddies are busy, come by yourself.  We are a happy, friendly bunch.  In a heartbeat, you’ll be family.

The bottom line is, come for a day, a weekend, a week or the whole gosh darn length of this magnificent adventure!

(I guess we need to do a better job of advertising that!)


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