Holy cow! We’re getting Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) riding with us!

If it is your intent to ride with us toward the end of the ride, what a treat you are in for (if you register in time)!  Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) will be riding with us from Wetaskiwin to Beaumont!  This is the Western Canadian troop that was first organized in 1900 to fight in the Boar War because British ground troops were taking such a kicking.  They were superb horsemen.  Today’s Lord Strathcona’s Horse’s mounted troop is strictly ceremonial, of course, but they are still real, honest-to-gosh soldiers … and superb equestrians.  You can learn of their origins at http://www.strathconas.ca/smt_history.php.

We were hoping to have them come and perform their musical ride, which is similar to the RCMP Musical Ride, at our wind-up shindig.  We had no idea they would offer to ride with us for three days, take two days off to curry their horses to a burnished glow and then do the Musical Ride for us at our wind-up party as well!  That’s over the top, and we’re delighted!

So if your intent is to ride near the end of this pink adventure, sign up while there are still spaces left, making sure you include the Wetaskiwin to Beaumont leg of the journey.  Riding with Lord Strathcona’s Horse!  What an extraordinary experience!  What an honour!

And their Musical Ride at our wind-up!  We are over the moon!


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