Ha ha ha! You know how I said that nobody in their right mind would join us for 34 days?

Well, we have a woman named Courtney who is obviously NOT in her right mind!  *grin*  Courtney from Dawson Creek asked her husband if it would be all right with him if she left for 34 days in order to support our breast cancer cause.  He said, “More power to you, honey!” and so Courtney is out there gathering pledges as I write this.  She is determined to ride from start to finish on this wild pink adventure!  Look out, Courtney!  We’ll probably put a white bucket on your head, a red coat on your back and make you a lieutenant in the NWMP … or a pink bandanna over your face and make you Queen of the Hole in the Head Gang!  *giggle.  snort.*

It is this kind of support that warms my heart.  Go, Courtney!  Go!  With help like that, we will create a future without breast cancer!


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