She didn’t know.

We were interviewed by City TV the other day.  Young Meagan, our 20-something year old interviewer, asked me why we’re doing this wagon train.  I told her that it was because there is no cure for breast cancer … that if my grand-daughters have to face breast cancer, I want them to be able to fight it, beat it and then get on with their lives safe in the knowledge that it’s over!  I could tell by the way Meagan’s eyebrows went skyward and the look on her face that she didn’t know that there is no cure.

On the one hand you can think, “Okay, but she’s young.  She has time to learn this.” On the other hand, I just learned the other day about another kind of breast cancer called inflammatory breast cancer … and even many medical doctors aren’t aware of it!  From what I’ve read, unless they see an oncologist, many young women are being told by their general practitioners that it is nothing more dangerous than a rash!  I still need to learn more, but apparently inflammatory breast cancer is striking down women as young as 16 years of age!  Women of all ages need to know.  Lives depend on it.

To see our interview, go here:

Wagons ho!


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