The Stats Are In

In Alberta, there are more horse – related accidents than there are motor vehicle related accidents.  That little piece of info freaked me right out!  But what freaks me out more is that I am now one of these statistics!

It happened 1 week ago Saturday.  We harnessed up our Fjord’s and took them out for a 1 mile trek to our neighbour’s place.  My horses were perfect gentlemen.  We visited the neighbours for a bit, got back in the wagon and came home.  Again my Fjords were perfect.

Coming back up the drive, as we passed the forest, my hubby and I smelled something dead so I stopped the team and he jumped out to investigate.  The Fjords were standing calmly, except that Bror was scratching his head against Troll’s head.  That’s when it happened.

Bror’s bit caught Troll’s bridle and pulled it off his ears.  That made Troll a bit antsy.  I saw this and started to get out, but wasn’t quick enough.  The boys started to move…and then they REALLY hit it.  We were probably doing 60 km/hr and I had no reins!

I honestly thought that I was going to die that day.

We careened through the yard and they drove into the tiniest little cubby of space where they ran directly into the side of an out building.  We went from 60 km/hr to zero in a split second.  Of course, this meant that all the energy was transferred through my body and I was thrown from the wagon.

Fortunately, Bror and Troll are fine.  What extraordinary boys they are!  They calmed down immediately upon hitting the wall and just stood there.

Me?  I didn’t fare so well.  I have 9 broken bones spread throughout my spine, pelvis, and left leg.  Apparently I will be a tourist at Chateau Glenrose (rehabilitation clinic) for somewhere between 2 and 3 months.

Is the trail ride kaput?  No way!  You don’t need me in order to have a lot of fun & do a lot of good for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.  Wagons Ho!!

I’ll be with you in spirit, my friends, but my son will be with you on the trail.

Keep up the good work … and keep those pledges rolling in!

Jane Hurl (still the trail boss!)


The above was transcribed from a hand written note from Jane by her son Rusty.


4 thoughts on “The Stats Are In

  1. Hello Jane;

    Two weeks ago; I looked up you site after listening to the advertisement for WILD PINK YONDER on the Radio for some time as I was driving to work at MORSAN Dairy PONOKA. I have many horses and a team, but I will not be able to join you this year…but will make plans for next.

    Then yesterday, while at Rimbey buying office supplies at The Stationery Store owned by Donna Kercher, for she had outside on the side walk many great idems. While at the till Donna told me that the proceeds from the sidewalk sale are for your cause, that the funds raised from her sales will go to WILD PINK YONDER. Donna pointed out the PINK Ballons decorating the Table are in your honor, and the town of Rimbey will be soon painting all the Windows PINK, of how all the Lovely Hanging Baskets of PINK FLOWERS in front of the Rimbey Store Fronts are also there in support of your efforts with WILD PINK YONDER to Raise Funds for Breast Cancer Research. I hope all the other towns who are on your Trail Ride Route are being as Supportive.

    Then this morning June 13th I looked up your site again, inorder to email the WILD PINK YONDER web link to my husband John so he could read of your efforts. With a Shock I read of your accident on your blog…MY Goodness Girl….
    I pray that you will heal quickly… I admire your GRIT in continueing to be the TRAIL BOSS.


    ~katrina schumacher~
    Dayspring & Triple 3 Ranch
    Range Rd 12, 3k N. of 53
    Rimbey, AB


    • Hello Katrina … I am sorry I didn’t respond to you earlier. I’m new to this blogging thing and only just figured out how to see your entire message! I think there’s something to that saying about “old dogs and new tricks”. *grin*

      I am over-the-moon to hear that Rimbey is going to paint all their windows pink! *giggle. snort. lol.* If that doesn’t win ’em the title “Pinkest Little Town in the West 2009”, the judges must be crazy! (I had to pull myself from that job a long time ago. I didn’t think it would be fair. I have a really BIG bias toward Rimbey. They have gone over the top, as far as I am concerned.)

      As for me, well, I will heal. Not in time for this year’s event, but I will heal … and I plan to escape this hospital for a few nights so I can be there at a few of the more active stops. (They think I need to be here ’til mid-August. *eyes rolling*)

      I’m sorry you’re not joining us this year, Katrina, but next year we’ll be at it again. Different route. Same kind of fun.


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