Days Two and Three

Day two dawned clear and bright and our intrepid riders were ready to go.  To start their day, we had a spiritual moment.  Each rider introduced herself and told the rest why she was riding, or who she was riding for.  It brought tears to a few eyes, and had some spontaneous hugging going on.  The end result was a posse of women commited to our cause and to each other’s welfare.

Off they went for a short 13 mile trek.  We’d planned a lunch and water break but they only stopped long enough for water, electing to carry on and have their lunch in Crossfield.  Because they arrived so early, they brushed their horses and then sat around the rodeo grounds visiting for a couple of hours.

Dinner was done “in house” at the Pete Knight Centre with many of the women offering to help cook.  After dinner we had a cowboy poet who entertained the women well.  Those who’d never heard a cowboy poet before were very impressed.

There were hot showers at the Pete Knight and everybody was delighted to go and have a nice, long soak.  Then everybody turned in for the night.

Day Three:  whoa, Nellie, did it rain!  Hard and long.  The women were drenched and, for a while, were riding directly into the rain.  We have an understanding with the riders.  It’s simple.  If your bum is getting sore … if your horse is getting tired … if you’ve thrown a shoe … if you’re cold and miserable … let us know and we’ll pick you and your horse up and take you forward to the next destination.  Yes, the whole idea is to be tough, but we don’t expect anyone, or any horse, to suffer.  When you’re done, you’re done.  But did anyone ask to be taken off the trail today?  Nope, not a one.  Tough cowgirls!

Dinner in Carstairs was, by all accounts, a roaring success.  Any Carstairs residents who showed up not wearing pink were dragged onto the stage where they had to don pink T-shirts while the band played strip tease music!  *grin*  The whole Carstairs fire department showed up … in pink.  *grin*

At the end of the night, Carstairs residents took Wild Pink Yonder riders home with them so they could have a good sleep in a dry bed!

I think Carstairs is a big contender for “Pinkest Little Town in the West 2009”!


2 thoughts on “Days Two and Three

  1. Watched you on Global tonight …hot damn ! did your hair look great or what !
    The interview went well too. I think Sue Ling liked you, as well as the other two …….but who wouldn’t like you ?
    Couldn’t see Russ …. and those cowboy jeans …oh well I’ll have to wait for the party on the 24th.

    I know the clam shell is getting to ya , but your doing a great job, hang in there Jane.
    I’m very proud of you .

    Your bud…….Vicki


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