Airdrie to Crossfield

The road to Crossfield was a lot shorter (and more direct), with our trusty tractor driver paying diligent attention to his map.  *grin*  The distance was short, there were no hills.  Our riders rode right on through, not even stopping for lunch! 

In our last minute arrangements, somehow we neglected to collect keys to the Pete Knight Centre in Crossfield … and it was a Sunday!  Fortunately for us, Crossfield residents are a friendly, helpful bunch and with a few calls to key town personnel, not only did we get keys to the Pete Knight Centre, but were given access to the rodeo grounds for our horses too!

The Pete Knight Centre has hot showers and we provided a cowboy poet to keep things interesting.  No complaints that night!  (No pictures either.  Sorry.)  Okay … got pics now!


We were sorry that Crossfield wasn’t in the hunt for the title Pinkest Little Town in the West, but their hospitality was second to none … and we’ll see if we can’t get them interested in Pinkest Little Town next year.


2 thoughts on “Airdrie to Crossfield

  1. Day two was a piece of cake compared to day one…just a stroll in the park but what a stroll it was. Down the backroads of Alberta we went past so many beautiful farms and large farming operations. What a way to see a part of Alberta missed by all of us that cruise down HW 2.

    Once we arrived at Crossfield the trusty portapotti/water wagon arrived and we settled in. As we all sat around the wagon and talked, it was with a feeling of sadness that the the two ladies traveling with me and myself realized that we would be leaving the ride to head back to work and our everyday life. We started to pack up and say our goodbyes. Just as we were ready to leave the cowboy poet came up and gave us a personal performance. What a send off! As we headed back to our homes, we talked about how glad we were that we took up the challenge to “do something important with our horses!”

    We are looking forward to the 24th when we will rejoin the ride for the final day! Happy trails.


    • Hedi, we are delighted that you will be joining us for the last day and our wind-up party (that is appropriately named “Trail’s End”). From all accounts, you were a wonderful trail partner.


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