Crossfield to Carstairs

Oh, those wonderful people at Carstairs Ag Society!  What a show they put on!  These are the folks who made anyone not wearing pink go up on the stage and put on a pink T-shirt while the band played a strip tease tune!  *grin*  They presented a cheque for $500, adding that their donation will be on-going as their Saturday pink night at their upcoming rodeo will go to WPY.  We are honoured.

They put on a wonderful dinner followed by a huge cake with pink ribbon on it.  It was beautiful. 

In the morning we paraded down main street past many pink businesses.  We even had one of the local banks send out employees with pink-covered sugar cookies for the riders!  There were trucks covered in pink balloons.  People dressed in pink.  All the Co-op employees wore pink aprons and the bakery made pink cupcakes with the breast cancer ribbon on them!  A wonderful day … and I only have a couple of photos.  Got more now!  Lookie! 


One thought on “Crossfield to Carstairs

  1. Jane…OLDS……was absolutely amazing.

    Our trail was very long and I was on Jane Hurl’s frisky little greenie – Mita, a Paso Fino. Jane, wherever I went I was asked about her breed and her friskiness.

    We fisrt met OLDS on the trail – a dazzling PINK wagon pulled by a capable and well behaved big draft team, and filled with Happy cancer Surivors. They had been waiting for hours, but took it all in stride. Sterling and two lovely young ladies rode on horse back to meet us. Their happy laughter and encouraging words gave us such a boost. The Supper – food provided by Sterling and his wife (sorry can’t think of all the wonderful names, but she is a petite and gorgeous red head too Jane) Anyway, the supper was out of this world and we were hungry! The decor all in pink with the most gorgeous assortments of Pink in “wildflower arrangements” was breath taking. You can imagine this on all pink table clothes, and all the pink attire. BEAUTIFUL. You almost had to pinch yourself to make sure it wasn’t a dream.

    The night ended with a group of very hard working dog trainers. You should have seen them! We were so tired, but not one of us would have missed those smart dogs and their owners for the world.

    The horses were put in the most immaculate of indoor stalls with shavings akin to the deepest feather beds. In the Olds volunteers talking about making meals for “threshing crews”. They are truly an agricultural center to be proud of !! Thank you OLDS.

    I wish we had more pictures!!!
    The other Jane (B)


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