And then there’s Innisfail! Holy cow!

I can’t even tell you about the ride from Bowden to Innisfail.  I don’t remember much about it, so it was probably pretty tame.  What I do remember is the Town of Innisfail.  Man, oh, man!  These guys are really gunning for Pinkest Little Town in the West!

They have been working on it for some time.  I wish the pictures I have were from a camera so I could show you, but they’re all hard copy in a lovely binder that Innisfail presented to us.  You’ll have to use your imaginations ’til I get my hands on some digital pictures.

Innisfail is an EXPLOSION of pink!  The whole town got involved!  People painted their own fences pink … and I don’t mean pale pink.  I mean HOT pink!  There were pink houses and pink flowers and pink ribbons EVERYWHERE!  The local Co-op had a brilliant idea.  They packaged 1 litre pails of assorted shades of pink paint with a roller and sold them for $10 each with the understanding that the purchasers could use them to paint the outside of the the Co-op!  You have to see the Co-op!  It is pinker than the pinkest birthday cake you can ever imagine … and word is that it raised $5,000! 

So when we arrived, the Innisfail Chamber of Commerce picked up our group in a bus and squired us around town for nearly an hour so we could see all the pink sights.  Then there were speeches and entertainment by a couple of talented young female singers, after which the beautiful binder of pictures was presented to Rusty.

As everyone knows, half the town’s mark is it’s pink presence.  Innisfail is going to be REALLY hard to beat on that front.


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