On the Road to Bowden

Weather was not with our pink ladies this morning, but drizzle and all, off they went.  And the day kept deteriorating ’til they were riding directly into some pretty driving rain.  Then, four miles from Bowden the sky opened up:  torrential rain mixed with hail and high wind.  Really high wind.

I was working on the computer here at the hospital when I looked at the TV screen and saw TORNADO WATCH … EDMONTON ALL THE WAY TO CALGARY!

So while Iwas having a heart attack, the women on the trail rode into a farm yard looking for cover under trees.  The woman who lived there came out and told them to ride right into her barn, which they gratefully did.  Then this lovely farm woman went back into her kitchen, not returning to the barn ’til she had some warm, homemade cookies for the riders!

Meanwhile, when I got through to Rusty on his phone, he and our Top Cop, Amanda, were already in her cruiser checking the weather report.  They didn’t need me telling them to get the riders off the road.  They were already organizing it. 

All the horses and riders were safely delivered to the Rockin H Arena in Bowden.  (Bowden Ag Society had graciously offered their outdoor facilities, but the Rockin H is indoor.)  After everybody dried out, they had dinner and then they, plus some Bowdenites, were royally entertained.  First it was Reins of Glory, a women’s musical ride … then a demonstration by Canadian Cowboy Mounted Shooters … and finally, a concert by Chris and Sharky Schauer.

We have nothing but praise for all the entertainers and our hosts, Connie and Larry of Rockin H Arena.


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