Onward to Blackfalds!

You really have to hand it to these small towns!  They really get involved.  They really care.  Blackfalds started their commitment to Wild Pink Yonder by entering a covered wagon in the Blackfalds parade back in the spring.  The wagon had a cover with the Wild Pink Yonder logo on it, and was drawn by a 4-up of mules!  Very cool. 

And I was actually there.  I got a pass from the hospital and made the journey down there because I didn’t want to miss the Blackfalds event.

The Blackfalds Ag Society started a pink picture  book for us, documenting their fundraising, their covered wagon and the pinking of their previously green town.  This was shown to us over dinner (pulled pork on a bun, pork ‘n’ beans and cole slaw with beer and hi-balls) when we got to meet all the friendly ag and town folks at their lovely All Star Park.  Dessert was the biggest, pinkest cake you’ve ever seen, complete with our name and a bunch of pink breast cancer ribbons all over it.

We had a lovely time … but we didn’t get to take their photo album with us because they’re not finished yet.  They want ’til the end of August to finish up their fundraising and to put the finishing touches on the chronicle of their efforts.

Thank you, Blackfalds.  We loved it.


One thought on “Onward to Blackfalds!

  1. Jane, Rusty and the Gang,

    On behalf of the Blackfalds Agricultural Society we were very happy to meet you and I’m glad that you and your group had a good time. You look like you are well underway to a healthy recovery from your fall.

    We were happy to meet you and we look forward to seeing you again. Rusty, keep up the good work!

    Trish Willis, President
    Blackfalds Agricultural Society


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