Again, the ride was uneventful, so I haven’t anything to tell you about that … but Penhold is a neat story.  It’s a tiny place.  We weren’t expecting big things.  Wrong!

I don’t have their names, but there is a couple who live just north of Penhold, and when they learned that we would be camping in an open lot, they absolutely refused to hear of it.  Our entire group was invited to their ranch where everybody had a shower and the horses were fed and given lovely big pens to stay in.  Now that’s Hospitality with a capital “H”!

Penhold invited us for “Dinner and a Movie”.  What a great night!  They are a community of about 2,000.  They got 200 Penholdites (Penholders?  Penholdians?) out to the event!  That’s 10% of the population!  That is incredible!

By all accounts, dinner was spectacular.  Then it was movie time.  They set up a HUGE screen, had pink balloons all over the place, and sold popcorn to raise funds for Wild Pink Yonder!  We were very impressed with their effort and their enthusiasm.  Way to go, Penhold!

(I’m really, REALLY glad I’m not one of the judges.)


One thought on “Penhold

  1. The Stable the horses stayed at is CR Stables, owned by Colin and Kris Donaghy. Kris and I were riding earlier from the Cochrane – Carstairs leg of the ride when we out the penhold stop, Kris wanted to help out with that evening.


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