How about that Hoadley!

Hoadley was only supposed to be a lunch stop … but Hoadley made it so much more.  First, they decorated their hall in pink and had a big Welcome to Hoadley sign.  Then they made a hot lunch … which our riders did not show up for.  (Turns out the trail was longer than anticipated and the horses were more tired so were moving slowly.)  Was Hoadley phased?  Not a chance! 

When we realized they’d be at least 2 hours late for lunch, Hoadley took lunch to the riders!  They suggested a detour that put our riders at a lake where they had a lovely lunch.

Meanwhile, back in Hoadley, they did lunch for everyone from the community and beyond … and the residents of Hoadley (all what … EIGHT of them?) raised over $600 for Wild Pink!!!!!!!  I would think that that’s significant when it comes to our contest!

After their late lunch, our riders loaded up and trailered their horses to Winfield.


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