Onward to Rimbey

The riding was uneventful … but Honest to Pete!  Those Rimbey folks went nuts over Wild Pink Yonder! 

There were pink balloons on fence posts and in trees for as far as the eye could see on our route into town!  Then, once there, everything was pink … store windows were filled with pink, pink baskets of flowers everywhere, giant breast cancer pink ribbons were painted on the street intersections, and school kids and their parents went out and washed all the yellow curbs in town and painted them pink!  Intera Tire went nuts.  They painted all the tires outside their store pink … and a half ton truck that sits in front of the store.  The Super 8 motel wrapped all its trees in pink and built two miniature pink covered wagons for the front yard.  Next door, the UFA wrapped all their metal posts in pink and put pink covers on their gas pumps!  And it went on, and on, and on … all over town!

When my husband checked us into the Super 8, management there would not let us pay for the room, and there were pink flowers in the wheelchair accessible room when we got there! 

As soon as I get the photos, I’ll upload a photo of the pink porta-pottie in the Rimbey Ag Society grounds.  It was a riot of pink … inside and out … complete with a pink boa trim on the toilet seat lid!  And the ag society’s metal overhead sign was painted pink, to boot.

We were quite overwhelmed.

Dinner was at the Seniors’ Centre, and what a dinner.  It was fantastic, as were the people who attended.  There must have been 150 of them, which we thought was outstanding for a community of 2,400.  But then we went for dessert in the park, and there must have been three times that many people! 

Breakfast the next morning was fabulous too.  Pink pancakes with sausage and eggs.  (No, the sausage and eggs were not pink!  *grin*)

At 9 a.m. the next morning, Rimbey Ag Society’s Lynn Johnson led the parade out of town.  She drove her well-trained horse.  The horse had pink ear nets  … Lynn was wearing a pink jacket and pink & black hat as she sat in her black cart that sported a pink boa across the back!   She looked oh so elegant!

Between all their pinkness and all the fundraising they did for Wild Pink Yonder, I have a feeling these folks are going to be hard to beat in the “Pinkest Little Town” department!  (Again, I am sooooo glad I’m not a judge for this!)


2 thoughts on “Onward to Rimbey

  1. I loved the story of Rimbey. The radio station in Lacombe had been up to Rimbey and knew they were really getting into the spirit of your ride. But the description is incredible and kind of gives you goose bumps!!
    Hope that you are making great head-waves or head way!! Please let us know how things end up as far as your fundraising.



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