It was a beautiful ride into Pigeon Lake

All the riders commented on how beautiful the countryside was on the way from Winfield to the Village at Pigeon Lake.  Rusty’s comment is that it makes a person fall in love with Alberta all over again.  *smile*

Once at The Village, the riders took their horses to a place across the highway where a couple had beautiful paddocks for them with lots of grass.  Everyone felt good about leaving them there for the night.

Meanwhile, back at The Village, we took over the main square.  What fun!  We held a square dance in the square!  Our riders learned to square dance, as did a bunch of bystanders.  It was pretty fun watching my 6′ 2″ husband dancing with a 3′ 6″ little girl!  And the cutest thing ever was the chicken dance at the end.  Two little boys joined their little sister and were wiggling their little butts with the best of us!

My hubby and his slightly smaller partner

My hubby and his slightly smaller partner











More dancing!

Practicing what they learned

Practicing what they learned









When we had a break between sets, my friend and cowboy poet, Bob Marple, read from his book of poems and musings.  It was a first for him and he handled it well.

The setting was perfect.  The weather couldn’t have been better if we’d ordered it specially.

Then, in the morning, the riders had breakfast and headed off to ride in the Ma-Me-O Beach parade!  Yes, it was impromptu, but all the riders were up for it so off they went.

Parade at Ma-Me-O Beach

Parade at Ma-Me-O Beach


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