Wetaskiwin – Millet

The ride from Wetaskiwin to Millet was short and uneventful … but the evening was not!  What a party! 

The Town of Millet was not interested in participating in “Pinkest Little Town in the West”, and the Millet ag society wasn’t either.  Then, out of the blue (or is that “out of the pink”? *grin*) a woman named Ingred Dubyk, who owns a bed and breakfast called “Millers Meadows” contacted us wanting to help.  And what a help!

She gave our riders a beautiful place to stay, arranged for a fantastic mixed grill BBQ by Chris Goisnard of Park Fancy Meats (Chris sells fancy cuts of meat and quality you can count on ), live music by country singer Aaron Goodvin, with cowboy poetry by Bob Marple and Ray Stuhl, and then more music by a friend of Ingred’s. 

After the entertainment, we all sat around a bonfire and shared a few brew.  It was fantastic … and then I had to go home to the hospital.  *sigh*


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