Still Meadows Ranch – Josephburg

July 24th:  I am amazed that the end is so near … and it seems like it only started yesterday.  (Ha ha ha!  Probably doesn’t seem like that to ground staffers Rusty, John, Susan and Sam or our intrepid rider, Courtney, who rode the entire 400-mile 21-day trek.)

I spoke with CTV this morning and my ex-colleague, Robert Brilz, said he’d try to get a camera crew out there.  Being as he phoned me, I thought it was a shoo-in.  But there were no promises as they have to cover Capital Ex, the Indy and A Taste of Edmonton too.  (In the long run, we didn’t get covered.  Durn!)

What a scorcher!  Temperatures reached 34 and many riders got sunburned.

Rusty cut the route drastically so horses wouldn’t suffer.

I was really sorry that there wasn’t a cheering squad there to meet them when they reached the Josephburg gymkhana grounds.  That was a shame.  No television crews … no newspapers … and none of the rest of us to cheer because we were going like crazy getting the Moyer Centre ready for the big party.

I haven’t heard from any riders yet, but I have been led to believe that the gymkhana grounds’ well ran dry and horses didn’t get as much water as they needed!  I don’t know how that played out.  Any riders want to chime in here?  (We need to know the good, the bad and the ugly.)  Do you feel your horse suffered?


One thought on “Still Meadows Ranch – Josephburg

  1. It was a hot one for sure! Thanks Rusty and crew for cutting down the ride. My horse was fine (she’s a tough 20 year old Arab mare) but have to say I was feeling a bit brain fried! Should have taken the pink cover off the helmet for sure! Although the water wagon wasn’t there right when we arrived, it came not that long afterwards so I don’t think anyone suffered. We had 5 gallons on the trailer and my horse was more interested in the green grass then water. Ditto for my friends horse that I offered water to.

    We were glad to have been a part of the event and thank you so much for all you did to organize the ride. Sure we have some suggestion to help make the event even better but they are suggestions and certainly not complaints. I’ve ridden in many a mountain ride and let me tell you, this was like a 5 star ride in comparison!

    Happy trails.


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