Strathcona Olympiette – Still Meadows Ranch

I’ve been reminded that I’ve been remiss in getting this blog up to date.  (Thanks for the reminder, Bob!)  So here we go.

Weather’s been heating up, but the riders did okay.  This is the second to last day of riding!  I can hardly believe they are almost there!  I am not aware of any problems on the ride for July 23rd.  They rode into Still Meadows Ranch, which, by all accounts, is a beautiful, well maintained place and the horses were in nice pens.  It was a quiet evening with a little cowboy poetry by Ray Stuhl and that’s about it.

Some of tomorrow’s riders are arriving this evening, others will come in the morning.

Tomorrow’s going to come early.  What was to be a very long day has to be shortened.  The day is scheduled to be a scorcher and we don’t want to stress the horses.  Everybody hit the hay early except Rusty who had to go drive the route looking for ways to shorten it up.


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