Trail’s End — at the Moyer Centre in Josephburg

Chris Goisnard of Park Fancy Meats did a bang-up job of dinner.  It was absolutely fabulous and there is no doubt in my mind that I will be purchasing boxes of meat from Park Fancy Meats.  (Chris is from Camrose, but he delivers.) 

And then Brett Kissell got up on the stage.  He prides himself on the job he does, and he didn’t let us down.  We were a small crowd, but he gave it his all … and his all is very impressive.  If you weren’t there, you really missed out.  And, strangely, it turns out that his mother is a breast cancer survivor too, so this show was more than “just another show” for him!

So, we ate, we shared a beer while Brett sang, and when the second set was finished, we held our live and silent auction.  Because the crowd was so small, those of us who were bidding made out like bandits!  *grin*

And then … it was over. 

Eighteen months of planning.  Scores of wonderful people in assorted agricultural societies between Cochrane and Josephburg.  Tons of others who put on incredible shows of “pinkness” in towns along our route.  Volunteers who cooked, drove tractor, drove trucks, and generally looked after things.  Riders who came for a day and one rider who was in for the whole nine yards.


So … if you’re coming back, what do you want next year?  Will you be coming back next year?  What would you like to be different?  What would you like to stay the same?


2 thoughts on “Trail’s End — at the Moyer Centre in Josephburg

  1. We had an absolute blast throughout our participation with Jane, Rusty, and all the WPY volunteers! We started by dying our hair pink back in April so we could get everyone to ask us why, we put together an evening of entertainment for the ride, had a day ride on the 25th to give those participants that weren’t available for a weekday a chance to join us, and we even got to ride. Every minute was rewarding, heart warming and a ton of FUN.
    I won’t miss this next year for anything. We have several friends already planning to book holiday time together to go on the ride! With the exposure from this year, and the enthusiasm of the horse owning population, this is going to be even better next year. Count me in!!


  2. Deb, it is folks like you who make us so sure that we’re on the right track.

    There were a lot of problems this year (she said in mild understatement … as she writes this from her bed at the Glenrose Hospital *grin*), but it WAS year one, and from some of the other “year ones” I’ve heard about, we didn’t do so badly.

    What we’ve noticed is that all the towns out there think this is a FANTASTIC idea. They want us back. A number of riders have said they will not miss it next year and, like you, are bringing friends. The media loved us. Can you imagine how much MORE they’ll love us NEXT year when we have a substantial “Hole in the Head Gang”?

    I believe that this year WAS legendary. I think NEXT year is going to be over the moon.


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