It Has Been Pointed Out to Me …

that I didn’t comment much on the actual ride each day of the trail … there being a suggestion that I wasn’t much interested in the day, only the eveningAbsolutely not so!  I have not commented on the actual ride itself because I was not there and no one phoned (or e-mailed or blogged) to tell me about how it went.  The only things I “knew” were those that I heard from ground crew (aka Rusty, Sam, Susan, John, Karen, Dona and Grant).  I have tried to faithfully post everything they told me.

That being said, I hope you all realize that you are more than welcome to post your thoughts here too.  Actually, it is what I hoped would happen.  If you look at the bottom of each post, you’ll see a place to click so you can make a comment.  I’d love that!  And I think everyone else would appreciate it too.  It would make the impression of the day much more complete.

Please don’t think I didn’t care what was happening out there.  It was killing me that I couldn’t be there!  But I can’t write about stuff I didn’t experience, either first or second hand … so … wanna help me out here?  Jump in for any days that you rode and tell us about the conditions.  Tell us about the things that made you giggle and the things that were a challenge for you and your horse.



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