And the winner is …

Tiffany Wong!  (But you knew that from reading the front page of the WPY website.)  What you didn’t know is that we will be meeting Tiffany at Stony Plain Skate and Tack on Friday, September 4th to present her new Sierra saddle to her.  Fay (owner of Stony Plain Skate adn Tack) will be there, Tiffany and I will be there … hopefully along with someone from the Stony Plain Review (newspaper).  Unfortunately, Rusty will not be able to attend.  He’ll be on a much needed and very much appreciated holiday at that time.  Photos will be forthcoming.

Oh!  And I’ve decided to heck with it!  I am not going to try to go back and post pictures with their corresponding blog articles.  I’m going to post a jumble of photos now that I’m home (hooray!) and working on a “real” (Mac) computer!


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