Okay, people … here’s the thing …

We have not decided on a route for next year.

We have not decided what time of year to go next year.

We have not decided a lot of things.  And we’d like your input.  There are two ways you can do it.  We have a reserved space on a forum called www.pleasurepasofino.com.  To become a member, you go to the home page, find where it says “Sign up here to become a forum member”, click on that and in the space where it says, “How did you find out about us”, you put “Jane Hurl”.  That will alert Stef (the site owner) to give you access to our own little members-only bulletin board.  Once you’ve signed up, if you look around in the area called “preferences” (or something like that), you can set it so that any time anyone posts something in there, you’re sent an e-mail link to it.  That helps keep the conversations going.  If you have a derogatory comment to make and you don’t want the whole world to see it, you can send a “private message” to anyone who is a forum member.  Heck, for that matter, you don’t even have to use your real name.  You can sign in as “The Lone Ranger” or “Pink Lady”.   I find this site works slick as anything, and I’d really like it if you’d join.  When you join, please make a comment on the existing thread there so I know you’ve joined and can welcome you.

I’d really like to get some dialogue going.  We know we had problems this year.  (Man, is that an understatement — especially considering what happened to me!)  At least we know some of the problems we had this year.  With your help, we’ll discover any we missed and, with everyone’s suggestions, I hope we can fix them up for next year.  (See, we don’t mind making mistakes.  That’s the world’s greatest teaching tool.  We just want to learn different stuff next year.  *grin*)

If you won’t want to join www.pleasurepasofino.com, how about commenting here on this blog?  I don’t imagine it’s difficult to sign up to be able to add your thoughts.  We’d sure like it if you did (though www.pleasurepasofino.com is easier, quicker and, I think, a nicer way to go).

Happy trails.


3 thoughts on “Okay, people … here’s the thing …

  1. Hi Jane – great you are mending well!!We certainly did miss not getting to meet you “on the trail” but I must say Rusty did an awesome job of filling in for you!!! I totally enjoyed our day in “The Wild Pink Yonder” even tho’ we got caught in a torrential rain storm but just so happened the lady who owned the barn we “holed up” in, had just made fresh cookies so we all got to stay dry and got a little something sweet and warm in our bellies!!! I look foreward to next years ride and hopefully I can join for more than one day!
    Thank you for all your hard work (and your family as well) and I’ll be watching as plans for next year unfold!
    Fern Kornelson
    Sundre, AB


    • Fern, I am mending exceptionally well. Way better than the nurses and docs thought, though not fast enough for me! Ah well, I’ll be there long before next summer’s ride! So … it’s a date then? We’ll meet on the trail and check out all the pink towns? (I can’t promise another lady willing to bake you cookies just because it’s raining out though! *grin* When Rusty told me about that, it was one of those “Awwwwww” moments. Actually, throughout, there were quite a number of those “Awwwwww” moments. What a trip! So wished that I could have been there!)

      I haven’t gone over it with Rusty yet, but I’m leaning toward a ride that starts in Waterton (how cool would that be?) and ends at Rocky Mountain House, going via (possibly) Cardston, so we could go to the wagon and carriage museum, and via Highway 2 from Ft. Macleod to High River before wending back west along the Cowboy Trail. Whaddya think? (This is NOT written in stone. It is just me musing out loud! And it might be a tad long … but … well … what say you?)


  2. Thanks for the reply Jane. I am really excited about the chance of riding the Cowboy Trail. I don’t know if I have the stamina for the whole ride but definately from Sundre to Rocky Mtn house would be a hoot! I’ll start collecting donations right away!!!
    Keep on getting stronger and healthier!!!!!


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