In the U.S.A. they do a ride for the cure …

I was just reading about the Ride for the Cure in Virginia.  Apparently there are only five such rides throughout the States … one of them doing its inaugural run this October in Virginia.   But, you know what?  We’re tougher and more ambitious!  *grin*  (When I say “we”, I mean you … every one of you who rode off into the Wild Pink Yonder … and of “you”, most notably I mean Courtney, who rode every last mile of it this year … rain, shine and tornado warning!)

Why do I say we’re tougher and more ambitious?  Because we logged 400 miles in 21 days.  They are riding for just two hours!  Their cost to participate?  Minimum $250 in pledges.  (So if any of your friends say, “$200 a day!  Are those people at Wild Pink Yonder crazy?” you should send them this link:  Virginia Ride for theCure.)

So now I’m thinking … next year would you like to ride with the Eequitrekking folks?

I wonder if they’d come.

And now, a couple of new photos for your viewing pleasure.


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