Had lunch with the Airdrie Ag Society Prez …

and what a great lady she is!  Brenda Moon’s the name.  She’s warm and charming and very out-going.  Loved her.  We weren’t meeting to discuss business (ie WPY’s stay in Airdrie).  We were meeting because we didn’t get a chance to when WPY went through her town and we thought it might be fun.  It was.

We met just before noon and talked ’til 1:30.  We discussed breast cancer quite a bit (we’re both members of the sisterhood), just a little about Wild Pink Yonder, and quite a bit about the amazingly ambitious (and very interesting) plans Airdrie Ag Society has, and how Brenda is working to make them happen.  (They already own a quarter section of land and are planning to put fabulous facilities on it … three barns, a campground, a conference centre … the whole nine yards.  It is going to be quite the set-up!)  Then she had to go get ready for an Ag Society meeting at 2:00.

I’m glad we didn’t discuss the plans for the ag society ’til last.  If I’d known she’s the shepherd for an ag society that is planning a $35 MILLION facility, I’d have been completely intimidated by her!  As it was, we had a lovely time.

P.S.  She agrees with me that a ride up from Waterton National Park (to Rocky?) might be the ticket.  Now … will some of you chime in and give me your opinions, please?  Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Had lunch with the Airdrie Ag Society Prez …

    • Teri, you could ride (one way) with us. We will be taking everything and everybody (horses) down a couple of days in advance, so if you come, you can ride around in Waterton for a day or two before we hit the trail. The only problem with this would be if you aren’t coming the whole distance. I would not be able to get you back up to Edmonton. But maybe you could hook up with someone else who is coming down for a few days and go back with them. Or maybe you can convince someone else at your barn (someone with a trailer) that they ought to come and do this with you.


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