We’re thinking about Waterton …

and we wonder how many folks would be interested in riding out of that beautiful place.  Sure, it’s as far south west as you can get in the province … but the scenery is the most spectacular.

Then we thought we’d ride to Cardston to see the carriage museum.  It is the biggest in the world.  Then up to Fort MacLeod to the NWMP barracks.  From there we thought it might be nice to follow Highway 2 north (Granum, Claresholm, Stavely, Nanton, High River … maybe right into Spruce Meadows, if they’ll have us).

From there we’re looking to head east to Chestermere, then Strathmore, and then north again.  We thought Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park would be spectacular.  Google it.  The pictures are out of this world.

From there we are thinking north again to Stettler … ending in Camrose.  There are a couple of days where we’d have to trailer, but not that many … if you’re tough.

It would be a 22 day event.  I think we’d be riding something like 350 miles total.

Nobody has to go the entire distance.   A week would be fun though.

So now I need your thoughts. Does this seem like a good route for Wild Pink Yonder’s 2010 excursion?  If you could pick the 22 days, when would they be?  (Not saying you’ll get your wish … just looking for “druthers”.  *grin*)


2 thoughts on “We’re thinking about Waterton …

  1. I think that route’s a great idea! It would be likely out of the way, but wouldn’t it be cool if we could ride through some badlands around Drumheller?


    • Teri, go google “Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park”. Talk about cool! It’s Drumheller, only greener! Also, we will be looking for a third route (for the summer of 2011) and I think Drumheller will be on that one. One assumes that you’ll be with us then too, so hold yer horses, woman! *grin*


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