Ah ha, riders! AH HA!

Remember all the trouble you had getting our on-line pledge page to work so you could send a link to your friends, neighbours and family asking for them to support you with a pledge?  Remember the mess that was?  And remember that I was in the hospital so I couldn’t do much on your behalf?  Well, they’ve admitted that they were the problem.

Unfortunately, we underestimated the demand for these services and neglected to build the support framework required to maintain our high standard of customer service. We acknowledge that we have under-delivered in customer service over the last few months and would like to assure you that, effective immediately, we have taken the following steps to address the issue…

So I feel vindicated … which didn’t help you much, but makes me feel better!  *grin*.  We’re giving them another chance though.  Why?  Mostly because they are affordable.  The other company we found that does this kind of service is over the moon in price — and when I say “over the moon” … I mean waaaaaay over!  They wanted thousands of your dollars for the service.  Pffft!

I made arrangements with them.  Busy little beavers that we are, Rusty and I will go down there and learn their system.  Then we can get you on-line, not them.  Then, hopefully, this spring, when you’re out looking for pledges, everything will hum along the way it ought to!


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