We’re delighted to hear that a number of you are planning to join us in 2010.

We have yet to update the application form, but if you want us to hold any particular days for you, it might be a good idea to send in the application soon. We may get you to sign a different one later.  This year we will be limiting the group to 30 riders on any day.  (Onward and upward!  From the sounds of it, this year we’ll be turning an overflow of people away!)

As it was last year, you must have Alberta Equestrian Federation membership in order to join us.  Most of you have it.  The rest should sign up before getting to the trail as we never know if we’ll have Internet access or not.  If you haven’t already joined AEF and we can’t get on-line because we’re in the boonies, you won’t be able to ride.

I heard from a woman yesterday who wants to ride the entire route.  When I pointed out that she’d have to come up with $4,400 in pledges, she said, “No biggie.  I know a lot of people in the oil industry.” She’d only just decided to come and she’d already raised $600!  Go, Reina!

So … Waterton Lakes to Sherwood Park:  who else is in?


4 thoughts on “We’re delighted to hear that a number of you are planning to join us in 2010.

  1. Hi Jane, please hold the first two weeks for me to volunteer and ride at least a day…. more if needed….as per our phone conversation…… will forward cheque in the new year…. i am so excited……


    • And we are delighted to have you, Deb.

      For those wondering, Deb is a nurse (which is handy) and she is interested not only in riding, but also in working the ride. Hooray! (Last year Rusty spent all day every day running back and forth driving trucks forward. Hopefully this year we’ll have some of our own volunteers as well as having each town lend us a few people to make the truck-running less painful.)

      The question is: what title do we give to the person who brings the porta-potties forward for the lunch break? *giggle. snort. lol.*


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