Just back from a successful run to Calgary …

Rusty and I went to Calgary on Wednesday.  Three successful days, and a little fun, to boot!

Wednesday we stopped first in Red Deer to give our thank you gift and a post mortem of the ride to one of our sponsors for 2009, Peavey Mart.  They are such a great bunch.  I really like them, and know now that when Shirley makes a suggestion, I should jump on it.  She is one smart cookie, and seems to know everything and everyone in the “horsey” industry.  We hope they’ll be back again as a sponsor for 2010, but at this writing, we don’t know.  (So everybody cross your fingers until I advise you otherwise!  *grin*)

From Red Deer we headed south again, stopping in Airdrie, where we met up with Becca.  What a nice, nice woman!  She is the one who won the auction for our fabulous Wild Pink Yonder belt buckle.  This is the to-die-for, one-of-a-kind buckle hand-made by internationally acclaimed Becker Buckles, and graciously donated to our cause by Airdrie Ag Society.  Becca wanted it bad.  She bid … well … lots!

She’s tall.  She’s beautiful.  She’s slim, and now she’s now got “my” buckle.  Four perfectly good reasons for me to be green with envy!  But Becca is also a lovely, lovely woman and, obviously, a fabulous mother (we had to chase her down at a hockey rink to give her her buckle).  So, while I may be green, I’m also delighted that she is our winner!  The WPY Trophy Buckle is going to look smashing on her.  We hope she wears it with pride ….

But I got the last word!  *grin*

Okay, then off to Calgary.  Thursday we spent the entire morning at a company called “ClickSpace”.  They are the company that hosted your on-line pledge pages.

Rusty and I have to apologize for how well that did not work last summer.  There were mis-steps by ClickSpace and misunderstandings between Rusty, me and ClickSpace.  Come to think of it, don’t hold me responsible.  When all this was happening, I was in the U of A Trauma Unit, so doped up on pain killers that I was in la-la land!  That leaves Rusty and ClickSpace … and we can’t hold Rusty responsible because he didn’t know anything about it.  It had been my bag!  So all my stuff was being forwarded to his computer and he didn’t know that he was supposed to forward your information and pictures to ClickSpace … so naturally, he didn’t!  Can we hold ClickSpace responsible if they never received the information?  I suppose not. Lets blame it on the Fjords!  *grin*

In any event, none of this will happen again this year.  In 2010, Rusty and I will both be on top of it.   If you are riding with us (either again or for the first time), send your info (and your photo) to either of us and we’ll get you up and running with your own interactive web page immediately.  That’ll give you seven months to find your pledge money.  Should be a shoo-in!

Thursday night we went to ZooLites.  1.5 million lights and a section of them that dances to the music.  The weather was perfect.  It was lovely … though the chili cheese dogs that Rusty and his girlfriend insisted on having there were massive and deadly to anyone over the age of 45.  I took one look at them and all my arteries slammed shut!

Then, on Friday, we had a fantastic meeting with an oil company (to be named later, after they sign on the dotted line).  They have their corporate office in Calgary, but they are rural and want to get started with a rural community involvement strategy.  This could be a perfect hand-in-glove fit!  So once again, cross your fingers!  We pitched them on a three-year involvement.  That would be sooooooo cool — for them and for us!

More info coming as we learn it.


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