It’s been a while … but I didn’t have anything earth-shattering to say …

and most stuff I post on the home page of the website, so can’t see any point in repeating myself here.

But I have news:  for those of you who are joining us for day one of the ride, you will need to have a day pass for the park … and possibly pay to camp … and maybe even to have a camp fire … but the national parks website makes everything so complicated that I don’t have a hot clue … yet.  Just be prepared to pay something extra for the privilege of being in stunningly beautiful Waterton Lakes National Park!  Meanwhile, I will try to find out what’s what.   (As soon as I know which way is up, you will know.)

Speaking of Waterton Lakes, I don’t think we’ll be on any kind of road.  (Yippy skippy!)  This is not a promise yet, but it’s a definite threat!  I think we’ll be taking a horse trail from the lake to the edge of the park and then back-roads to Mountain View.  The trusty pink wagon may not be able to do that leg.  It may have to meet you when you come out of the park and get on a back-road.  I think I may have to ride one of those Fjords that day!  Anybody got a Fjord-wide saddle they’d like to lend me?   *grin*


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