I can’t believe how many wonderful things are happening to Wild Pink Yonder!

If you read our home page, you already know about Dr. Deb Carroll and her daughter riding with us for the entire trip this summer.  That is awesome on a bunch of different levels:  her soon-to-be-sixteen year old daughter wants to spend three weeks riding with Mom (how great is that?) … we get a full time, very good veterinarian on call 24/7 … Deb is a great human being (as is her daughter) so will be a lot of fun along the route … we can utilize Deb as a Wrangler from start to finish … and West Wind Veterinary Hospital (Deb’s equine vet service) has come on as a Wild Pink Yonder partner for the second year in a row.  I am over the moon!

What else?  A couple of riders for this upcoming year have offered to help us out at The Mane Event this spring.  That will be wonderful because, the way it started, Rusty and I were going to have to man this thing from start to finish all by ourselves!

I think what we’ll try to do is create a miniature campsite for The Mane Event.  We have a 3′ high x 3′ long covered wagon.  Now we need to build a miniature campfire (from a fan, sticks and … coloured paper?), find miniature folding chairs for around the miniature campfire, make miniature bales of hay, find a miniature cowboy coffee pot to hang over the miniature fire, etc.  If you have any other ideas for us, or if you happen to have a miniature cowboy coffee pot hanging around — or a little (stuffed?  plastic?) horse that would be in proportion to a 3’x3′ covered wagon, please drop me a line.

Have I told you that we picked up Fortis Alberta as a partner this year?  We’re pleased about that.  They want to get involved putting on events in some of the towns we visit.  At least that’s the way I think it’s going to go.  That’ll be cool!

The Co-operators Insurance is back as a partner again, as is West Wind Vet Hospital.  It seems we’ve lost Federated Co-op as a partner for this year, but Rusty and I aren’t through with them yet.   We aren’t put off all that easily, and have come up with a way that they can help 4-H kids fundraise instead of partnering with us.  *wicked evil little grin*  If you know if any companies that might be interested in partnering with us, please let us know.  We’ll do the leg work.  It’s just that life is so much easier if we’re working off of “warm” leads.

You know already that I drove the team last weekend, so that’s old news to you.  (It’s still thrilling news to me though! *grin*)

We are supposed to attend the Stettin Nakamun Sleigh Rally this weekend coming.  I don’t think I am ready for that, so we’ll do a little driving here on the home place and then drive (in a car) over to Stettin Nakamun for the dinner … or maybe in time to ride along with a seasoned driver and get a few tips.  The real reason we’re going is that they are a bunch of team drivers.  We’re gonna try to get some of them to join us for a few days on the trail.  It would be fantastic to have a number of covered wagons and buggies from time to time.

Oh!  There’s a new gaited horse on-line magazine coming out soon.  Their inaugural issue is March/April … and yours truly was invited to be a columnist!  I was a bit confused by the invite.  You see, I ride a gaited horse (Paso Fino), but I don’t ride professionally — I don’t breed — I just horse around, and truth be told, I don’t even horse around all that well anymore.  (I have had both my hips replaced so there went my balance!)  I digress!  So, when asked to write (every two months!), I said, “Okay … as long as I can write about Wild Pink Yonder.”  The owner said, “Sure!  It’s a worthy event where our gaited riders can show off their horses!”  So, watch for http://www.gaited.ca.  I’ve written the first column (with pics), but don’t know what I’ll write for the next one!  Hopefully we’ll have all sorts of Wild Pink stuff to tell the gaited world!  (Got ideas?  Email me!)

That’s it for now.  I don’t write for a month and then bombard you.  Sorry!  I’ll try to be a little more regular.


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