Things are really starting to come together!

We have heard from a number of towns that will be givin’ ‘er for Pinkest Little Town in the West — so if you were there and enjoyed the fun in Innisfail and/or Rimbey, you’re going to want to join us again.  (Camrose is looking like it could be a giggle.  They’re talking about women in pink bikinis and pink cowboy hats … with pink water pistols.  *grin*)

We’ve heard from most towns now and we have, at a minimum, a place to stay.  After that, it’s all gravy, folks!

Oh!  And we met the neatest lady in Leduc.  She, and her not-for-profit company, find “appropriate” places for young Alberta musical talent to perform.  So you just know what we talked to her about!  (Some of her talent at the Leduc Black Gold Rodeo was awesome!)  Also, we’ve heard from Amanda that one of our very favourite cowboy poets, Ray Stuhl, has agreed to come and entertain you again.  We don’t know how many stops he’ll do just yet, but he’s “in”!

What else can I tell you?  I’ve already told you about the group of 14 from High Prairie … so if you want to ride, I highly suggest that you get your application in soon.  (We can only take 30 riders on any given day.)

TTFN.  I am off to aqua-size.  It is making a huge difference in how much better my body feels from last year’s “event”.


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