How do we find more riders?

I honestly thought we’d not have to find riders.  I thought we’d have to beat them off with a stick!  But no.  We still need more riders.

Anybody got any good ideas where we can find them?  Do you belong to a riding club and can talk it up?  Or would you like us to come and talk it up to your club?  (We have a spiffy Powerpoint presentation we could bring.)  Can you hang a poster at your local gas bar?  Boarding barn?

I think the biggest problem is that we don’t have a huge advertising budget like “The Ride to Conquer Cancer” or “The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers”.  So we have to find other ways to get the word out — because I’m sure that’s the problem.  Once people know about the ride, they’re all gung-ho.  If you have any ideas for me, please drop me a line.

Oh!  And don’t get me wrong!  We certainly have enough riders to make this ride viable, but I want it sold outSold out every single day. Would it not be the coolest thing ever if we were able to hire at least one full time researcher for an entire year?  What if we could hire two?  Would your chest stick out just a little further?

Exactly!  It would be awesome!


3 thoughts on “How do we find more riders?

  1. Hi Jane, We have THE BEST country newspaper around (The Western Star) and it’s FREE and has great rural circulation around here. I’ve submitted articles for other events and things before and have had GREAT coverage from them (the editor even helped auctioneer at a ‘last chance aution’ I had the first year I walked for the 60K weekend – so thought I’d approach them and see if I can do an article about WPY in hopes of getting new riders. I can use some of the pictures from last year’s ride if I can print them off, or perhaps email them to the paper, but are there any particulars that I should point out in the article if I can submit one?



    • Hi Donna … That is a great idea, but rather than starting from scratch yourself, hang on and I’ll put something together and send it (and pictures) to you. Then you can edit, if you’d like, and send it on. I’ll get back to you Monday or Tuesday, okay?


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