Out of the clear pink of the western sky, I got a phone call last night …

from an extraordinarily nice guy named Rod.  He and his wife, Lynn, will likely join us for about 8 days of riding.  He’d like to ride the entire distance, but he has to roar over to Saskatchewan to get his daughter married off on August 13th, so won’t be able to attend the beginning.  (Next year, they’re in for the whole distance.  Yay!)

Anyway, Rod has offered his acreage as a staging place for the day we leave Camrose!  If you look at the map you’ll notice that it’s 40+ km from Camrose to Wetaskiwin.  A tad long, so we planned to trailer about half way.  Well, don’tcha know, Rod and Lynn’s place is an easy 15 or 20 km out of Wetaskiwin on a nice side road that will take us into Wetaskiwin on the road where the Co-op store lives.  (Don’t ask me!  I’m not a Wetaskiwinite! “Wetaskiwinonian”?  *grin*)  So, the morning of August 30th, we’ll get up, have breakfast and then trailer to Rod and Lynn’s where we’ll have coffee, tack up and then hit the trail!

I just love it that there are so many great people out there!

Welcome to Wild Pink Yonder, Rod and Lynn!


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