“T is fore Trochu”

That’s what the people of Trochu wrote on the side of the hill (using 16,000 golf balls to do it) in a contest to see which small town in Alberta would win the world’s largest (40 feet tall) golf tee.  Want to guess where that 40′ golf tee stands right now?  Yup.  Trochu.  These guys are gunners … and they’re gunning to become The Pinkest Little Town in the West 2010.

If you’ve not decided when you want to ride with us, August 26 might be the time.

We will ride from Three Hills to the St. Ann Ranch (www.saintannranch.com), where we will stop for lunch. The owners of the ranch, Tom and Holly Frere, are fantastic people.  Warm, friendly and eager to make this a special stop for us.  (And somehow Tom got the moniker of “Toad”!  *grin*)

Trochu sits atop a hill on the wide open Alberta prairie — but once upon a time, it did not.  Once upon a time Trochu was in the valley where St. Ann Ranch lives now.  So the ranch is an outdoor museum!  They have a refurbished old mansion (a B&B, if you feel like spoiling yourself — or if company wants to come party in Trochu with you) and a bunch of refurbished old buildings (post office, etc) that were the original town.  It is very cool.  Anyway, we stop there for a lunch hour break.

After lunch, we climb aboard our horses and wagons and head half a mile uphill into town.  There we will (likely) be met by a pink wagon full of breast cancer survivors.  They will lead the parade and we will parade through Trochu — down main street, by the Arboretum, by the hospital and old folks’ home — before we go back to St. Ann Ranch.

Back at the ranch, we will get our horses settled and our tents set up and then we’ll be ushered back into town for a town dinner which will be followed by a town dance with live music.  It is going to be a blast.

If you are with us at St. Ann Ranch, you need to know that we do not have pens for the horses.  We have a beautiful big pasture, but no way of separating the animals unless you have your own panels or electric fencing.  We will have a portable solar fencer with us for the Fjordhorses, so you can hook your line into our line if you’d like.  Other options are to tether to a fence post or keep your horse in your trailer in the parking area.  There’s nothing in that field that would afford a high line and we cannot take trailers into that field.  (At least, I don’t think we can.)


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