Just got off the phone with Charlie Ewing

He’s a real life rancher as well as a cowboy poet ‘n’ picker.  You should go listen to him sing on the homepage of his website www.CharlieEwing.com.

Niiiiiiiiiice voice.  Niiiiiiiiice man.  And you’ll be pleased to know that he is going to pick guitar and sing for you when we have Dinner in the Park (compliments of the Kinettes) in Claresholm.

So, we’ll ride up from Granum, get our horses settled in pens and/or stalls at the beautiful Claresholm Agriplex, then truck on down to the park for dinner and music by Charlie.  BTW, his music is almost all written by Charlie.  It’s humourous, tells about real cowboy life in southern Alberta, and very, very well done.

Will we get to see the Canadian Appaloosa Horse Association museum that evening as well?  Don’t know yet.  Keep your eye on the blog.  As soon as I know anything, you will know it too.


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