Now this is interesting!

Seems there is a couple from France who came over here with the idea to have a horse-and-cart adventure.  They spent 6 months living with a couple (and helping them on the farm) whilst building their cart.  It looks quite similar to an old fashioned sheep herders’ wagon, though it is a cart, not a wagon, and the top is not hard, as it would be if it were a sheep herder’s wagon. (Okay, so maybe it isn’t all that much like a sheep herder’s wagon!  *grin*  But that is what I thought of when I first saw it.)

Once the wagon was finished, they got a horse (a Canadian?) and off they went — Drumheller to Rocky Mountain House!  Lookie!

How cool is that?  They went Wild Pink Yondering without the pink!

By the way, that cart is for sale. If you’re interested, drop them a line on their blog.

And then it occurred to me:  that wagon can’t be much smaller than the Wild Pink Yonder wagon … and that one is being pulled by one horse all by itself.  We are now going to see if each of our horses might be able to drive single.  That way they only work one day out of three.  That might be better, especially considering that right now they are A.) fat as pigs (have you ever tried to keep a Fjordhorse slim?) and B.) not in condition yet.  (The single driving harness comes back from the harness maker on Monday or Tuesday.  Then we start conditioning in earnest.)

Meanwhile, we have three decidedly grumpy Fjordhorses.  They don’t like the Jenny Craig pen at all!


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