A giant pink horse?

Oh, my!  We are in for an experience in Irricana! Somebody built them a giant pink horse for when we come to town!  (Pictures coming soon.)  Someone else made 300+ pink bandanas!  (They don’t know what they’re going to DO with the bandanas yet, but they’ll come up with something!)

As part of their run for Pinkest Little Town status, they’re having a ball tournament this weekend.  With a dunk tank.

When we blow into town, they are putting us up in our own little campground, away from the general public.  Once we’re there, they are planning an evening that includes a cowboy country barbecue, bonfire and karaoke!  Sounds to me like it’ll be time to git down ‘n’ hoe down!


5 thoughts on “A giant pink horse?

  1. Hi There!
    I am your karaoke host for the evening that you will all be in Irricana. My karaoke business is called Punk Pony Productions. I’m looking forward to the evening very much and meeting you all and maybe on a future Wild Pink Yonder ride I will be able to participate with my mare.


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