Just spoke with the GREAT folks at Waterton Lakes Resort.

They are putting on our kick-off event in Waterton Lakes.  (If you have any suggestions for a great name for this event, please let me know.  I am brain-dead these days!)

They are looking at three possibilities:

1.  An evening event the Friday night (Aug 13).  This would likely be a mixed grill on their patio and in their conference room.  A little bit of music.  A little bit of dancing.  A little song.  The public would be invited to come meet YOU.  You will hopefully be dressed up with a lot of pink.  (Now I wish I’d not sold my dorky pink cowboy hat!)

2.  A pancake breakfast the morning we leave.  The public would, again, come to meet YOU, so hopefully you’d be decked as pink as possible.  (Seems that music is de rigeur in the Waterton area — and as I understand it, just about everybody is musically talented.)  After you eat, you take off back to Alpine Stables and ride your horse.  I hang around and glad-hand, then load up the wagon (which will be on their lawn) and take it to Mountain View.  (No, I don’t get to ride with you.  There is no way the wagon can get through the mountains … and my Fjords are not saddle broke.  And even if they were, they’re too damn broad!  My legs would fall off!)

3.  BOTH of the above (which would be great).

We’re sending them 2,000 pink ribbons that they can sell as a fundraiser.  People pay $1.00 and get a ribbon on which they can write their name or a message.  It is then taped to the window of the establishment.  At least two hotels and a number of restaurants will be blanketed with pink ribbons before we get there!


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