I’m lovin’ it!

Donna Rodka is joining us for 4 days of horsin’ around on the trail and enjoying whatever the different towns have to offer in the evenings.  As you know, her obligation for 4 days is $800 — but Donna’s not satisfied with that.  She is bound and determined that she will raise a minimum of $2,000!  She’ll do it too, because she’s already passed the $1,700 mark!  I’m thinking that must be worthy of some kind of pink prize, don’t you?

As I said, I’m lovin’ it.  I love it when folks recognize that sure, we’re having fun — BUT — the real reason we’re out there is to ride breast cancer into the ground.

Lovin’ it.  Lovin’ it.  Lovin’ it.  (And she never even told me that was her plan ’til today!)

Kudos to you, Donna!


3 thoughts on “I’m lovin’ it!

  1. Donna – what a TEAM SPIRIT!!! Wish you could ride the “whole dang way” with us – looking forward to meeting you!!!


    • Thanks Fern. Well, I keep looking at what’s planned at each stop and wonder why I didn’t sign up for more days, for sure. Not sure my butt would survive though – LOL. If all goes well, I hope to ride longer next year though.


  2. That’s the spirit, Donna! I am delighted to read that. I want to get to the point that we aren’t out looking for riders. I want to get to a point where either we have to turn people away … or come up with a way to expand the ride. (Maybe we could have two troops? Maybe they could start at opposite sides of the province and meet for one humdinger of a party somewhere in the middle? Wouldn’t THAT be fun? *grin*)


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