We have a rider named Joanne …

who only decided recently that she wants to ride with us.  All the way.  Start to finish.  Because she was starting her pledge-seeking so late in the game, I didn’t think she had a hope.  Ha!

Joanne is very nearly at her $4,400 already!  I asked her secret.  She says there isn’t one, that she just talks about it to everyone she meets.  Her experience is that almost everybody wants to help when they learn it is for breast cancer.

Nice work, Joanne!  (And, yes, this was written to give a boost to those who think they can’t do it.  Yes, you CAN!)


2 thoughts on “We have a rider named Joanne …

  1. (Have I told you folks how much I appreciate Donna’s enthusiasm? I really, really do!)

    It’s going to be a blast riding with you, Donna. Sure wish you were one of “The Wild Ones” (aka … those who are riding the entire distance).


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