Holy cow!

Oooooooooh, Fultonvale is sounding VERY exciting!  This isn’t just for riders either, so invite friends and family to come see it too!  Dinner (aka hot dogs etc) will be available, and all the junk food your little heart desires.

There will be a demo of a six-horse hitch after the trick riders at Fultonvale! That’s a six-Percheron hitch!  Boggled my mind.  Then I spoke with the teamster and his wife.  It seems he’s driven a 46-Percheron hitch.  Why, you ask?  No good reason that I can think of, other than … “I wonder if I can”.

And, if you’ve not seen the Graham Sisters perform (the trick riders), you are going to be amazed and thrilled by the stunts they perform!  Those sisters are NUTS!  It would seem that they, too, subscribe to the theory of, “I wonder if I can…”.  Last year they jumped their horses (loping) through a burning hoop.  No, not while riding them, silly!  While standing on their backs, of course!

So get the whole gang together for an exciting evening out.


One thought on “Holy cow!

  1. And I’ve seen both the teamster and the Graham Sisters. They are both amazing acts to see. I was lucky enough to see him hitch up and drive 44 horses (they did the 46 the following day) and just saw him at the RCMP Musical Ride Pre Show with his 6 horse hitch…you will not want to miss this one. The Graham Sisters were at Fultonvale last year and it was an amazing show! Mark your calendars.


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