This just in from Bashaw

You will be delighted to know that Bashaw has a barn for our horses!  And washroom/shower facilities for us!  They are in the process of finallizing their dinner menu for when we’re there and entertainment for Saturday night.  Yay!  They’d like us to parade down main street on our way in.  They’re going to do a pancake breakfast on Sunday morning.

Apparently Bashaw has a lot of exciting ideas and new people who have joined their planning committee, so they’re really looking forward to our visit … and they assure us, we’ll have a great time in their town!

Finally!  Now I’m getting excited about this!  Until now I’ve been working so hard and seeing very little in the results department.  It’s  been frustrating.  Now the results are showing up.  Now I can stop worrying!  We’re in for a great ride, folks.  Let the parties begin!


5 thoughts on “This just in from Bashaw

  1. Jane you probably just felt that way because you were to busy to realize what all youve done!! Sitting here reading your daily (almost daily) entries about whats happening on the ride is a totally different story. Everytime I read one I think geez this woman is Wonder Woman, accomplishing all this stuff. Ive been excited for weeks!!

    PS Very happy to see all the showers along the way! Good job! Now, what about laundry??? hahaha


  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Pam. It’s appreciated.

    Now … laundry: I suppose there will be laundry places in the towns we visit, but my plan is to do what I did when I lived in my Volkswagon van in Europe for a year. (Yeah, I’m THAT old.)

    Anyway, what I used to do is put hot water in one of those plastic garbage cans with the fitted lid that clamps down. Add detergent. Add clothes. Strap to the outside back of the vehicle. Then anytime the vehicle is in motion, so are the clothes. At the end of the day, rinse clothes and hang. It ain’t perfect, but it works well enough for me.


  3. OMG Jane, now that’s what I call resourceful. And Pam is right – give yourself a pat on the back for all the work you’ve done. I for one can’t wait to get there either. The walk in Calgary was this weekend in the 30+ heat and I couldn’t help thinking through it that WPY sounds like a WHOLE LOT MORE FUN. We raised 2.7 million on the walk – now all we gotta do is get our rider #’s up so we can raise more of those BIG BUCKS too. Just think, if all the riders made a goal to recruit just one more person next year, we’d be off to the races (well, not literally, I hope) but that would make some impact. Tell you what, if we can accomplish that next year, (if each person who rides this year and signs up again, recruits just one more person) let’s put their names in for a draw and I’ll make a pre-made scrapbook album as a prize that the winner can put their pictures of the ride in (I figure that the est. value of albums I’ve done so far is about $200.) Sound OK? If you’re up for that, so am I.


  4. Dear Everybody Except Donna Rodtka: See what I mean? I’ve been telling you that I have the greatest job in the world. It puts me in contact with the most amazing people!

    In the beginning, I met a lot of folks who didn’t think we could do this. But now? Now EVERYONE I meet and EVERYONE I deal with is a ray of sunshine and very helpful. Just look at Donna Rodtka! Ain’t she something? *big fat grin*

    Dear Donna: YOU ARE A PEACH! And a very special peach, at that. I think your idea is brilliant. And terrific. And wonderful. And I am thrilled that you would offer the time/effort/money to build such an album. You are so ON, sistah!

    Next year, let’s do it! We’ll start promoting that in the fall.


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