Buckets … as in collapsible … nothing to do with “kicking the” *grin*

So off I sent to Red Deer to pick up our stuff from Peavey Industries (very cool stuff) and to see buckets at Jones Boys.  They have three kinds, just as I told you about before.  I saw them.  I had them fill one with water to see that it actually does stand up.  It does.  (I don’t get the physics of that, but then, I flunked physics in high school, so we shouldn’t be surprised here.)

Because my Fjords don’t have the daintiest of heads, I bought the flat-backed 5 gallon one.  It has a larger opening and the strap can be unhooked so you can strap it around posts and things.  It was the last one they had at their Red Deer store though.  They thought they might have another at their Ponoka store, so if you want the bigger, flat-backed jobbie ($25), phone first.  I asked them for the 15% discount that Welsh’s is giving to Wild Pink Yonder riders in Edmonton.  They said no.  *eyes rolling*

I also hear that Wei’s in Red Deer has one type of bucket.  You might want to phone them too.  I didn’t have time to stop there.

I think I’d be checking the one at Camper’s Village.  It’s $10 and sounds like it would be the same thing as what they have at Jones Boys (other than their flat-backed one).


4 thoughts on “Buckets … as in collapsible … nothing to do with “kicking the” *grin*

  1. Hi Everyone

    I found a “Foldable Bucket” today at Dollarama (do you have those in Alberta?) for 2.00. It holds 9 ltres. The store I was in only had 1. Will check out a couple in Wpg in the next couple of days. They are in the camping section, in a cardboard box with a picture of the pail on the front, box and bucket are blue.



  2. I bought a red one in Castlegar in August and it is wonderful! Too bad I didn’t get some more…this one was a gift, so I am looking for more. The store here says that they were a seasonal item and the leftovers were “shipped back”. Anyone know where I can get more (at a reasonable price)?


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