Heading south.

Rusty, Pam (the woman from Manitoba who will head up our Manitoba chapter next year) and I will leave here Thursday, hopefully early in the day.  We will have Hugh, our very own professional photographer/videographer, in tow.  Then, later — or maybe the next morning — Raelene, Rusty’s girlfriend will follow.  Oh, yeah, I forgot.  We will also have the inimitable …………… Kenny!  That is our entourage.

So we will get there later in the day, I imagine, because it is an 8 hour drive from my place if you’re doing the speed limit.  We will NOT be doing that.  Plus, we will stay OFF the QEII as much as we can, so I imagine our 8 hour drive will be more likely a 10 hour one.  Come to think of it, add time out for an interview in Red Deer and a meal or two along the route … this could easily turn into a 12 hour day!

I just learned that Joanne Tanner, one of our riders going the entire distance, will be going down on Thursday too.  I imagine we’ll meet up with her there.


15 thoughts on “Heading south.

  1. That probably would be a good idea. The woman there is very nice. She is Deb Watson and her phone number is (403) 859-2462.

    So you know, Hedi (and Joanne), we are being given free board there the night of the 13th. I don’t know about the night of the 12th. We may have to pay … and we have to pay for hay, so on the night of the 12th, anyone going down is on their own (financially) for the 12th. WPY will pick up the night of the 13th. Fair?


  2. Another thought, Hedi. You cannot stay at Alpine. If you are in a camper, you might want to look at Payne Lake (just outside the park … just south of Mountain View. It is spectacular.

    We will be taking our trailer and camper there on Friday and staying there Friday night. You might want to do that Thursday. You might meet up with Joanne Tanner there. She is one of our Long Riders and plans to arrive Thursday as well, though I don’t know where she plans to camp.


  3. Thanks for the info. Didn’t know we couldn’t park at Alpine so had planned on just staying in the trailer there. Will have to see what Jeanne wants to do. Tried to book at the lodge but they appear to be full for those nights. Guess I should have got on all this sooner! Keep me informed on what’s going on…but I know you will.


  4. Hedi, Waterton Lakes Resort also owns The Aspen Village Inn and The Crandell Mountain Lodge. If you phone WLR and ask, they may put you into one of those with the same 20% discount. (I suggest this. I do not KNOW this. Only me thinking out loud.)


  5. Ok, after some panic time…I actually did phone and got a room at Waterton Lakes Resort. All the internet sites indicate that every hotel in the area is full plus the individual web sites also say they are full. So if anyone is looking they had better just phone down. The campgrounds also appear to be full. The lady at the stable indicated that the campgrounds fill up as early as April. The extra night at the stable if you supply your own feed is $12. They are very nice there and also indicated that we could take a ride around on Friday which is what we plan on doing! They also gave us a short cut for getting down to Waterton on the Blue Trail…hope we don’t get lost! Also, the 20% discount wasn’t in the computer so Waterton Lakes Resort is going to get back to me on that. Whew…now I can go ride my horse.


  6. So here we go, huh? All your guys’ hard work is coming to fruition. Have a safe trip down and ‘keep ‘er between the ditches’. We’ll see you in Trochu – can’t wait.


  7. It is a good thing I checked all the comments on Jane’s ‘Heading South’! I thought, like others, that we could stay at the stable on Friday night. I just phoned Waterton Lake Lodge and was lucky enough to get a room. I believe there is only a couple left.


  8. I wasn’t sure if not being able to camp at the stable meant we couldn’t keep our trailer’s there over night, but we can.


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