Looking for volunteer drivers …

Turns out we’ve not had nearly the response we hoped for in the volunteer department.  (Well, that’s not exactly true!  We have volunteers for all kinds of stuff, just not drivers!)

So here’s the thing.  We’re good in the driver department ’til August 20th.  Starting on the  20th, we need folks who will come drive trucks with empty trailers forward to our next stop.  We also need two drivers for with the ride.  One will drive at 3.5 mph in front of the riders.  The other will drive at 3.5 mph behind the riders.  If you know anyone who’d like a very slow drive in the country, please have them phone me.  (780) 363-0003 or on my cell at (780) 975-4429.

Now, I may be panicking prematurely because last year apparently volunteer drivers came out of the woodwork once we were on the road.  Maybe that will happen again and all will be well.  In the meantime, if I knew I had four extra drivers each day, I’d sleep better!


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