Waterton is sooooo beautiful!

Loved driving into town where they have the salamander crossing sign!  That always makes me smile.  Then, a little further down that same road, there were momma deer and their little ones.  Too cute!  Babies still have their spots in late August!

After breakfast at the Waterton Lakes Resort and a quick trip to Alpine Stables, we were off. 

The day started with a “Circle of Hope” where everyone told who they were riding for, or why they were riding.  Half of us were in tears before the end of the circle.

And then I got to watch my dream.  There went 31 riders, heading out into the mountains to ride the Wild Pink Trail.  It was an emotional moment for me.

We had one rider get off when they came to a check point 2 hours into the ride.  If I’m remembering correctly, her horse was tuckered.  Amber Marshall and her entourage left us at the 2 hour point as well.

Then our riders headed off again, not to show up for another 4 hours.  At that point two more riders got off.  Their mounts were spent.

The rest of them went the entire distance.  NINE hours!  (We didn’t plan that.)  They made 30 river crossings!  And they loved every wet, hairy moment of it.

Our guide at the beginning was Dee from Alpine Stables.  After two hours, our second guide, Tyrel Duce, picked up the riders and took them the rest of the way.  He wants us back again next year because, as he said, he didn’t get to show us the best of the scenery.  As it was, our riders were blown away.  They had a blast … but their horses were tired!

When they pulled in, we were at Payne Lakes Lodge.  What a view!  (Pics to follow.)  What a GREAT day!

Gotta fly.  I’m falling asleep on the keyboard!  Cia


7 thoughts on “Waterton is sooooo beautiful!

  1. Jane, I am so glad that you got to watch your dream of 30+ riders heading off – I can envision that too and it would be a marvelous sight for sure!! Oh Woman of Vision, you deserve this. You guys have worked so hard and this dream of yours can’t help but get bigger and bigger. Just think what a difference these dollars will make where it counts the most. Happy Trails.


  2. I was one of the lucky ladies on that day from Waterton. Just got back from a LONG trip home but am too excited to sleep. Being part of this ride was such a great experience. Amber was just a doll and a darn good rider. Her brother and his girlfriend were great sports. Also along for the ride was Amber’s very cute boyfriend that hauled in from Ontario along with a buddy, Amber’s mother and boyfriend. All were a great part of our ride. The country down in Waterton is so beautiful and I look forward to seeing more of it next year! Thanks to the folks from Alpine Stables and to Tyrel for making it such a great day. Hedi


  3. It was a glorious day indeed. Even though i had to stop at the 2 hour mark cuz my ginger girl was a lil sore I enjoyed every moment of it!! It was beautiful Jane Simply Beautiful!!


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