The Claresholm Kinettes are terrific.

They put on a beautiful “pink do” at the park.  There were pink balloons on all the trees and pink ribbons everywhere.  Dinner was served for about 300 people before we got there.

At the last moment, we were asked to do a “wave by” at the park.  Foolishly — trying to please — I agreed.  Should not have done that.   There were too many people (who were not “horse people”) and too many children, and too many curbs.  (But I’ve learned a valuable lesson and I’ll not make that mistake again.)  Then, because that wasn’t enough to rattle my riders, I then took them out on the QEII for a few blocks where the QEII slows down and goes through Claresholm.  (It slows down, but it’s still a lot of transports.)  Freaked my riders (and my wagon master) right out.  I won’t make THAT mistake again either.  *sheepish grin*

But once we got to the Agriplex, all was well.  The facilities in Claresholm are top drawer.  Really.  We were VERY impressed.  And to top it off, the local septic company, called Ferg’s Septic, graciously cleaned all our septic tanks out for free!  We all love Jordy from Ferg’s.

Then it was off to the park for hamburgers with the Kinettes with live music compliments of Charlie Ewing, a really talented guitarist, song writer and singer who lives on a ranch just outside of Claresholm.  Very talented man! 

Weather was hot, but perfect.  It was a long day, but a successful one.  Kinettes raised over $1,100 for our cause, so, as I said, the Claresholm Kinettes are TERRIFIC!  Thank you so much.


2 thoughts on “The Claresholm Kinettes are terrific.

  1. Claresholm was a hotel night for me, needed a break from the tent!! Also wanted to get on internet but that was not to be thanks to a hotel employee who did not know where to find the id and password to connect to the internet, but was a warm dry night and I slept in until 7:45 tsk tsk. Did some shopping and laundry and then hit the road!


  2. I enjoyed my evening meeting the Kinettes and Rusty and Jane. I’ve sent some photos I took on to the Communications team and to the Kinettes. Maybe next year I’ll hit the road with you guys with or without horse!


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